Climate action pays off!


KENZA tokens are credentialized Carbon Credits
powering climate action by homes and small businesses


It won't cost you anything to help saving the world


Connect your utilities
and let your house do the work


Your data is always encrypted, we will never sell it.

Discover the potential of your home

KENZA tokens are equivalent to carbon savings. They are generated by calculating the avoidance of emissions by the pool of buildings in the community, and distributed based on the relative contribution of the participating members.

The actual number of tokens to be allocated to a specific building will depend, therefore, on the performance of other buildings.

However, the link below will let you assess your home's current level of emissions in relation to the established decarbonization pathways. It also provides a rough estimate of the tokens that your home could generate over the next 30 years.


Start generating KENZA tokens!

Carbon tokens for 2022 will be issued at the end of the year, marking the beginning of Phase 2 of the project.
Until then we will issue NFTs.

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  • Early Access NFTs

    Only for the first 1000 members (OG50, OG100, OG500, OG1000)
  • Referral NFT

    Colect one NFT with every new member in your branch, unlocking DAO tiers
  • Current emissions performance NFT

    Includes a roadmap to meet emissions target
  • Emissions score NFT

    Issued at the end of the year, with rights to claim your carbon tokens

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