November 4, 2021
Ithaca, New York becomes first U.S. city to begin 100% decarbonization of buildings, an urban climate change milestone

"Ithaca, New York, begins to fully decarbonize all of its buildings as the first phase of a novel 100% carbon-free city climate policy. Cities are seen as key leaders in U.S. climate change efforts and the massive stock of legacy buildings and residences with low energy efficiency drives a huge portion of carbon emissions. Ithaca’s buildings equate to 40% of its carbon footprint and it is working with building energy specialist BlocPower on the project. To secure political approval and community buy-in, Ithaca lined up $100 million in private financing from Alturus for the effort and will seek up to $250 million more for additional climate change efforts including transitioning the city to electric vehicles."