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create money out of clean air

Real Estate
Game Theory

Powering climate action
for homes and small businesses
with carbon tokens

Platform to calculate carbon tokens

For homes and SMBs

Earn carbon tokens based on your building’s efficiency, day after day, without having to do anything. It is simple, free, and secure!
Join a growing community of responsible citizens worldwide and help accelerate climate action.

For companies

Manage your carbon risk effectively and efficiently while creating additional value with credentialized carbon credits.
Buy carbon credits from the community to offset your emissions while funding climate action for homes and SMBs.

Control dashboard of stranding risk with emmisions

For municipalities

Get help from our team to develop a solid strategy to decarbonize your city, creating specific programs with our sponsors to benefit your community.
Join other cities in the program to share information, resources, and experiences, and access green funding.

We need your help!

Become a Sponsor

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You can support the community in multiple ways:

  • Donate to the project
  • Pledge to purchase Kenza tokens
  • Accept Kenza tokens for products or services
  • Help us reach out farther, faster
  • Share resources in critical areas

Join the DAO

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Kenza is an early-stage DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). We need creative and committed members to help develop and constantly improve critical parts of the project in environmental science, blockchain, game theory, legal, social justice policy, and other areas.

How does it work?

Get invited

If you know anyone in the community, ask them for a referral code. Otherwise, join our waiting list (we issue new invitations on a monthly basis).


Fill up the Sign-Up form and become an early member of the Kenza community.

Connect your data

Follow simple instructions to set up your building/s  and connect energy consumption data.

Start generating tokens

Sit back and let your building do the work. Receive updates in your Kenza wallet as you reduce carbon emissions.

What is the future of Kenza tokens?

Phase 1

reward nfts

Reward NFTs

Unlock products
and service deals
from our sponsors.

Phase 2

carbon tokens

Carbon Tokens

Convert them
into credentialized
carbon credits

Phase 3

social currency

Social Currency

Use it as a cryptocurrency backed by environmental responsibility.

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